A book by Ben Junya

Modern Javascript by Example is a free and open-source book created by me, Ben Junya

Javascript moves fast, really really fast. By the time you take the first sip of coffee this morning, Javascript has already smashed the accelerator pedal down so far, it went through the chassis and Pluto has been colonized by Node version 14. Every step you take, a new patched verion of Node is released, and four new frameworks have been invented. No pressure to keep up, right?

All joking aside, the language that was once seen as a weird-ish toy language is used to build beautiful user interfaces, do automated tasks, and deliver web content at blazing fast speeds. Javascript is here to stay, and the evolution of the language and its quirky properties will continue as time goes on.

About the book

Modern Javascript by Example includes:

  • Tons of code examples that explain themselves
  • Focus on high quality examples and pragmatic knowledge
  • Absolutely terrible humor

This book is available offline - so save it to your bookmarks for offline viewing :).


The best way to contribute is to open an issue or make a code contribution to the Github Repo.

If you would like to support me directly, I can take the following methods of donation

  • Paypal - Link here
  • Bitcoin (BTC) - Address: 15MiGcJXVkyYbVcA4NmkzawAemhmWYu5Yv
  • Ethereum (ETH) - Address: 0x0d56331491f161d812a9c1699a8e5c8c1a243292
  • Ravencoin (RVN) - Address: RK9AChQdph96HeJsVihasrhjWCjabFPojN

Contributions are not necessary, but highly appreciated! Please enjoy the book, I hope you have fun reading it, and I hope it helps you :)

Book Contributors

This book would not be possible without the help of these wonderful people who contributed to the github repository:

  • fangstar - Proofreading and editing examples
  • Anton Halim - Heavy proofreading, catching incorrect examples, and grammar
  • spamyak - Proofreading and catching incorrect examples
  • sabrinakoehler - Additional proofreading for spelling and grammar issues
  • rw251 - Proofreading
  • jessmear - Proofreading and content suggestion
  • pauldariye - Proofreading and example edits
  • marwahaha - Proofreading and fixing misinformation on Set.